If you have a cat, especially an all-black or all-white cat, you're likely preparing your furry housemate for Halloween season by keeping the cat indoors and away from windows. For years, it's been rumored that cults would kidnap cats for rituals, especially around Halloween. However, it's not cults you have to watch out for, but some more mundane but common catnappers.

Urban Myth

The idea that Satanic cults kidnap cats has been around for years, but it is just a myth. Snopes says there's no evidence of Satanic or other religious cults regularly swiping cats for rituals. Many shelters still restrict the adoption of black and white cats around Halloween, but others have started promoting Halloween as a great time to adopt because of the increased publicity.

Urban and Not-So-Urban Dangers

That doesn't mean that cats are totally safe around Halloween. Unfortunately, like bunnies and chicks at Easter, cats are seen by some as Halloween decorations. So people adopt the cats but then boot them out of the house after the holiday when they see what caring for a cat really takes.

You also have to be aware of thrill-seeking criminals who think they're being edgy by stealing a cat around Halloween. There are also people around who will poison or harm pets because they don't like animals, regardless of the cat's fur color. So protection for your cat isn't pointless -- and in fact, you may want to do something like setting up security cameras around your home to record anyone lurking near your cat.

Two other risks, both of which could benefit from cameras, are coyotes and cars. Those, unfortunately, make more cats disappear than cults. Even indoor cats can sneak outside, exposing them to these risks. Cameras won't stop the cars and coyotes, but the extra security can show if coyotes are getting into your yard -- so you'll know to be especially careful to not let the cat get out. Vetstreet warns that the urban coyote population is likely responsible for any cat mutilations you find. And if you get a recording of your cat being hit by a car, you have evidence for the police.

If you want more tips on keeping your cat safe and sound, contact your vet and also check into a company like Home Theatre Designs about getting security cameras installed. No one wants to think about all the dangers that could befall their pets, but risks do exist. The cameras can help you identify the risks so that you can do your best to keep cats out of trouble.