A borescope is an instrument that uses optical fibers to visually inspect narrow cavities, that are otherwise inaccessible. A borescope has a lens on one end of an articulated tube with a display screen on the other end. Between the two ends is a computer and camera system that can display and digitally record still or video images of whatever is being inspected. High-intensity LED lights are located near the lens of the borescope for illumination in enclosed, dark areas. Borescopes are battery powered, portable and lightweight. They are liquid proof so they are resistant to water, fuel and oil. These high-quality instruments are very useful in many different industries and technical situations. Here are a few of the uses of borescopes:

  • Aviation Industry - Borescopes are used extensively in the aviation industry to examine and maintain aircraft engines, landing gear, and other mechanical systems. Borescopes are able to visually inspect and record aircraft mechanisms for corrosion, wear, cracks, and other defects. These instruments are a crucial part of scheduled maintenance inspections to certify that airplanes, fighter jets, and helicopters are mechanically sound and safe to fly and carry a crew and passengers. 
  • Military  - Borescopes are used by the military on and off the battlefield. On the battlefield, borescopes allow military personnel to inspect dangerous or difficult-to-reach places before they send in troops. Off the battlefield, military applications include the inspection of firearms, service vehicles, tanks, and ships during maintenance. These kinds of uses and applications can save lives.
  • Law Enforcement - Borescopes are often used by law enforcement officers to search vehicles, packages, luggage, and other objects. This can be very useful when searching for contraband or weapons. These inspections can be done with little or no damage to the objects being inspected. Because of this, borescopes can be used to collect evidence and prove guilt or innocence in a court of law. Borescopes can also be used to search under doors to look into locked rooms before sending in law enforcement officers. Borescopes can save time and keep law enforcement officers safe. 
  • Emergency Personnel - Borescopes have been extremely useful to emergency personnel when searching for trapped victims in accident scenes, building collapses, and other disasters. The flexible, articulated tube of the borescope can be inserted into very small holes and crevasses in debris fields where it would be impossible for emergency personnel or search or rescue dogs to go. 

Borescopes are excellent remote inspection instruments. They are available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities and provide reliable documentation of whatever they inspect. Borescopes are invaluable tools that may be extremely useful to you.  For more information, talk to a professional like USA Borescopes.