Real estate agents are often looking for new and exciting ways to highlight homes that they are trying to sell. If you own a real estate agency and want to have an edge up on your competition, consider working with a drone video service company to get unique pictures of the homes you will be selling to put on your website. The guide below walks you through a few of the reasons why you should hire a professional drone video service company to help you promote the homes that you are trying to sell.

Aerial Views of Entire Properties

When selling a home, being able to show a potential buyer the entire property from an aerial view can help show how large it really is. There are times someone is interested in buying hundreds of acres at one time. Walking a very large property can be very difficult for some people to do and being able to show them an aerial view can be very beneficial. Also, it allows you to show the buyer the layout of the property. If there are any water features, cleared areas of the property, or additional buildings on the property, you will be able to show the buyer easily with the aerial views.

Aerial Views of the Surrounding Neighborhood

The drone company can take pictures of the surrounding area to show potential buyers what the neighboring area is like throughout different times of the day. This will help to show buyers how close the home is to certain features that are beneficial to them, such as shopping, parks, or schools. They can also see how heavy the traffic is in the area throughout the day. This is beneficial to anyone who wants to live in an area that is not overly busy.

Professional Drone Video Service Company Know the Laws

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can buy a video recording drone and take the pictures on your own. There are specific laws in place when it comes to the use of a drone and the company will know the laws. They will know how to get the permits that are needed to operate the drones in the areas where you need them to be operated. You could face serious problems if you are caught operating a drone illegally.

When working with a drone video service company, you can form an agreement with the drone service (such as Major Video Inc.) to have pictures taken on a regular basis. Since many real estate companies have numerous agents, having an ongoing agreement with the company ensures that all agents can have the pictures they need taken quickly and easily.